‘Kulturhus Trefkoele+’, Dalfsen

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“Help us with finding our way! So that we end up in a sustainable, multifunctional building. Supported by the community.”

Dalfsen (NL), Different community facilities. Demolition, building new and transformation. 7.700m2 sqm.

A meetingpoint for everyone. A building that expresses plurality and at the same time functions as one city heart.

Part of the challange: involve users during the process, make them feel co-owner and stimulate collaboration.


An inspiring meetingcentre. A home for many organizations. (Local welfare, sport and culture.)

Take control of an integral process between users, descision makers, experts and stakeholders. (i.a. workshops with users and a shared website)

A former meetingcente transformed into the biggest ‘Cultural House’ of the region Overijssel . It offers a wide range of new activities.

ICS:        www.ideal-learning-environment.com
          ■ Strategic Consultancy             Project Management
          ■ Linking Education & Architecture
Trefkoele Dalfsen


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