3 Community Schools in Tiel

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”We are looking for an intermediary that advices and guide us during the process.”

Different functions: i.a. 3 primary schools, welfare and childcare. Located in Tiel, Netherland. 4500 m² sqm.

With all partners increasing the livability of the neighborhood and strenghten the capacity of care in education.

Risk analyses and feasibilty studies lead to 1 transformation project, 2 new building projects and a temporary housing assignment in a former office


A cooparative relationship between parties, an achievable plan and the realisation of 3 community schools within 1 budget.

De visions of the schools, the activities of participants and the need of the neighborhood are matched

Three lively meetingplaces in the neighborhood by combining an up-to-date environment for education with after school activities, welfare and childcare.

ICS: www.ideal-learning-environment.com
Strategic Consultancy Project Management
Linking Education & Architecture


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