Aventus – Training City

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“We want our Training Centre to be an integral
part of the city. The centre will be quite large. How can we make our students feel at home?”

10,000 st, aged 16-20, 300 training courses in all fields.
In Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. 40,000 sqm.

Active learning, close collaboration with local businesses, school open to the public.

Achieving the benefits of the merger is impossible with the existing fragmented housing.


A building complex like a city, with a central boulevard
-‘Hi Street’- as a meeting place which is open to the public

Part of a network of 3 cities, each with a location within walking distance of the railway station.

A flexible environment, easy to adapt to educational changes. Open ‘windows’ to the ‘Hi-Street’, plenty to see.

ICS:         www.ideal-learning-environment.com
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           ■ Linking Education & Architecture
Aventus Training City


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