De Meerwaarde

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“For our new building we need lots of out-of-the-box thinking!”

1,400 students aged 12-16. In Barneveld, the Netherlands. 17,000 sqm + 3,700 sqm sports.

Active learning organised in teams and in collaboration
with local businesses. Proud students and teachers!

The school is large, but should have a human scale.
The new building as a catalyst for educational innovation.
Technology, health, business, agriculture, leisure, sport.


Open, professional learning environments. Each team
(approx. 10-15 teachers) ‘owns’ a part of the building.

Strong involvement of teachers. The sports centre has
been developed together with the local sportclubs.

Students are proud of what they produce, their work is
exhibited in the four atria. Students practice in shops,
restaurants, garage, and car wash, all of which are open
to the public.

           ■ Strategic Consultancy               Project Management
           ■ Linking Education & Architecture
De Meerwaarde


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