Friese Poort Sneek

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“We’d like to offer a wide variety of courses and
give each of them a recognisable place within
the building”

Training courses in technology, economy, media, health, wellness. 2,500 st in Sneek, the Netherlands. 13,900 sqm.

Preparing young people and adults for the labour market
and society. Motto: “Together you’ll go farther.”

Personal attention, small size, and strong regional ties are important features.


Perfect balance between separate wings and joint space.
Each wing has a variety of spaces.

Creative sessions with teachers and staff. Strong teamwork between architect, interior designer, and consultants.

Popular, colourful, and inspiring building. Each department
has its own unique interior design.

           ■ Strategic Consultancy                Project Management
           ■ Linking Education & Architecture
Friese Poort Sneek


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