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“We want to transform our university and we need to invest in our buildings. How can we combine this? And how can we involve our staff?”

University of applied sciences , 11,000 students, 1,000 staff, 100 study courses. In Antwerp, Belgium. 120,000 sqm.

14 campuses in Antwerp. Many buildings are in poor condition.

The new educational strategic plan is based on integration, while the buildings are spread throughout the entire city.


A strategic plan for the infrastructure: development
towards 1-2 campus locations.

Workshops with board, leadership team, and teachers.
Site selection, feasibility study, and financial planning.

The plan includes a model for knowledge centres
that facilitate customised training courses.
Large scale conference for 800 staff members,
with 10 parallel workshops.

ICS:        www.ideal-learning-environment.com
          ■ Strategic Consultancy            Project Management
          ■ Linking Education & Architecture
Karel de Grote Hogeschool


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