Noorderpoort football & education

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“We would like to combine our school with the new football stadium. Is this possible and how would you do this?”

1,000 students, hospitality, leisure, food technology,
tourism. In Groningen, the Netherlands. 4,000 sqm

Inspiring learning environments by locating schools close to their clients and businesses.

The school for Hospitality and Tourism is combined with
the football stadium / entertainment centre.


Unique and exciting school, situated under the stadium tribune.

Pressure cookers with management and teachers. Spacial feasibility studies about the odd shaped floorplan.

Restaurants, kitchens, well-ness centre, ‘theme’-hotel rooms. Students organise and serve meals in the sky boxes. A location that generates pride.

            ■ Strategic Consultancy               Project Management
            ■ Linking Education & Architecture


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