Schooldevelopment Los Hoes

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”We are a ‘different’ school. Can you help us realize a learning environment that support our ideas?”

Haaksbergen (NL), primary school, childcare and neighborhood association. 2.580 sqm.

Choose, Share and Make. Goal: an environment where the child’s development is based on these 3 principals.

Team up with municipality and users. From learning idea till the building management.


A unique learning environment. Children from different heterogenous mentor-groups work in ‘learning palaces’.

The project is realized in a very short period of time. Together with client and users. Including the childcare in a late stage was part of our flexible approach.

A distinctive school, based on an unique learning concept. Developed by users an the municipality.

           ■ Strategic Consultancy           Project Management
           ■ Linking Education & Architecture
Schulentwicklung Los Hoes


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