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“Our educational changes require new learning environments. What do we need?”

University of applied sciences. 11,000 students, 1,000 staff.
In Leeuwarden, NL. 5,000 sqm new, 20,000 sqm renovation.

Slogan: “Hello World!” Problem-based, cooperative learning.
Student-centred and service-focused approach.

Existing building was made for traditional education, the educational changes demanded new learning environments.


An exciting new ‘Learning Landscape’, including a variety of student services and based on cooperative learning.

The new environments confronted all users with the new vision. Careful implementation was part of the work.

The Learning Landscape immediately became ‘The Hotspot’
for students! Trendsetting for many projects.

          ■ Strategic Consultancy        Project Management
          ■ Linking Education & Architecture
Stenden University


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