Via Kampen, vocational training

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“How do we offer students both a quiet place of their own and a broad perspective on everything they can become?”

700 st aged 14-16, technology, health, business, leisure, wellness, sport, in Kampen, the Netherlands. 8,000 sqm.

Young students orientate themselves in various careers. Learning by doing!

Two schools share the (costly) facilities and use this opportunity to modernise their education. 


The workshops on the ground floor are surrounded by a
large balcony (for instruction). One large roof covers all.

Extra attention: two schools under one roof need a strong common vision about the pedagogic climate.

Open learning environments, lots to see and do!
Nurturing, and challenging environment.

           ■ Strategic Consultancy               Project Management
           ■ Linking Education & Architecture
Via Kampen Vocational Training


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