Zernike Campus Groningen

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”An inspiring environment where education, research and entrepreneurship interact. And a better use of space. How do we get that?”

University of applied sciences, 27.000 students, 2.950 staff. Groningen, the Netherlands. 150.000 sqm.

Goal: being forerunner by offering students, staff and professionals an inspiring and stimulating environment.

A rearrangement of facilities should contribute to an atttractive campus and a smart and efficient use of space.


Development and housing strategy for the whole campus with a match between ambitions, housing and an efficient use of space.

Direct, innovate and organise support. An integrated proces with users and the real estate department.

A strategic plan that rearranges facilities and formulates the principles for the future learning environment. It is the starting point for renovation and new building.

ICS:         www.ideal-learning-environment.com
           ■ Strategic Consultancy           Project Management
           ■ Linking Education & Architecture


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