‘Kulturhus dok South’, Apeldoorn

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“Imagine 28 Participants that are working together in 1 Cultural House. The biggest of the county. Help us to make that possible.”

Community School (collaboration between 3 schools), Multifunctional Centre, a residential care and service zone, healthcare. 7.680 sqm. Housing. 3.900 sqm.

Creating toghether a meetingplace for young and old. An area for leisure, learning and (health)care.

A flexible process that meets with the changebility of user requirements. Even during the buildingconstruction.


Supervising and advising a project from start till end. Making an initiative possible and ending up with the move of al parties in two phases.

Because of the user participation the centre of Youth and Family could join even in the last phase.

A new meetingplace for healtcare, education, services, well-being, art en culture. Maintenance of the building and organizing activities is a shared responsibility.

ICS:        www.ideal-learning-environment.com
          ■ Strategic Consultancy             Project Management
          ■ Linking Education & Architecture
Kulturhus Dok Apeldoorn


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