Ras Al Hamra International School

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”How can we make a building that truly supports our educational vision?”

650 children: pre-nursery, kindergarten, primary education.
In Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. 9,000 sqm

Passion for Learning! Goal: best school in the Gulf region.
IPC: International Primary Curriculum.

‘Matching, stretching and celebrating!’
Learning environments that support cooperative learning.


Functional design that supports IPC/cooperative learning
in numerous ways. The environment as learning tool.

Co-creation with staff. Suggestion Box for parents
and children. Work on location.

A building like a ‘learning village’ for 5 learning families,
with a ‘learning souq’, ‘majlis’, labs, multi-purpose hall,
and swimming pool. Classrooms with 8 theme-corners,
and project tables for groups of 4 children.

ICS:         www.ideal-learning-environment.com
           ■ Strategic Consultancy           Project Management
           ■ Linking Education & Architecture


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